What can I do with my Mobilio tokens?

Mobilio users are safety-conscious, technology-savvy motorists. Insurance companies and other businesses have a strong interest in making contact with this audience. They can do this by accepting Mobilio Tokens as a means of payment for certain products and services. The Mobilio Marketplace team is currently working to recruit such partners. Businesses will have several [...]


What data is stored and what do you do with it?

Email address: we store your email address to identify you and send you messages. Phone number: we store your phone number to identify your phone and send you messages. This is extremely important as we use push-notifications to verify your Trips and send you important messages. Trip information: we store the time and place [...]


Why doesn’t my smartphone recognize Trips?

Please check that you have given the Mobilio app all necessary permissions. For Android we need GPS to detect your Trips, overlay services (display over other apps) to recognize phone usage, and telephony state to recognize if you make phone calls during Trips. If any of those permissions is not given, the app will [...]



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