Turn your smartphone into a smart key!

The Nuki Smart Lock turns your smartphone into a smart key. It opens the door when you come home and locks it again when you leave. With the door sensor you can always be sure that the door is locked.

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Assign digital keys

Manage up to 200 access authorizations for your family, friends, guests, craftsmen or babysitters with the free Nuki App – allow them to lock your door permanently, recurrently or once.

Ultra strong encryption

Nuki uses an absolutely secure end-to-end encryption for every communication. The data is already encrypted before transmission by the sender (e.g. the Nuki App), transmitted via Bluetooth and only decrypted again at the receiver (e.g. the Smart Lock) and is therefore securely protected from the outside world.

Remote control

With the combination of Nuki Smart Lock and Bridge you can open the door for your cleaner, pet sitter or craftsmen even if you are not at home – conveniently via Nuki Web or Nuki App.


  • Unlocking and locking directly on the smartphone
  • Automatic opening of the front door when approaching
  • Simple retrofitting on the inside of the door, without screwing or drilling
  • Assign individual access authorizations for family & friends
  • Voice control with Siri

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