Wow, what a year! In August we launched Mobilio and so far almost 200,000 people have downloaded the app. Those who joined us right from the beginning could get one Mobilio token (MOB) for only 0.06 points. Today (23.12.) you have to use 0.77 points to get one MOB. So the rate has increased by 1.200 percent, or 13 times! And with an increasing number of users, one MOB will cost even more points in the future (check out the Difficulty, the exchange rate between points and MOB in your Mobilio App).

Over the last few weeks, many of you have asked what a Mobilio token is worth and how you can use your coins.

Using your Mobilio Tokens
It is our goal that especially insurance companies, but also other businesses, accept Mobilio tokens as a means of payment. For this purpose, however, it is necessary that a large number of people possess the currency. We achieve this by ensuring that there is only a low barrier to minting Mobilio tokens. This is because they are created by distraction-free driving with the free Mobilio App, which works on almost every smartphone.

Acceptance of Mobilio by insurance companies
When parity is reached between points and Mobilio Token (1 point = 1 MOB), we will start closer discussions with insurance companies. This date will be sometime around the end of February, 2020. If an insurance company accepts Mobilio as payment, it will offer its own products and services.

Mobilio Marketplace
On 31 January 2020, we will launch an open beta of the Mobilio Marketplace on Beginning on this date, selected products can be paid for with Mobilio tokens. The Mobilio Marketplace works like a classic webshop, except that you pay with MOB instead of using a debit or credit card.

What exactly are Mobilio Tokens worth?
Generally, the value of a product, or even a currency, depends on supply and demand. But since Mobilio Tokens are created by distraction-free driving, the theoretical value can be calculated at a certain point in time. Every year, the world’s one billion cars cause traffic accidents with a primary claims costs of USD 518 billion. About 26 percent are due to distractions from smartphones. The annual loss per vehicle due to texting and phone calls is therefore sums up to around USD 135. An amount that the average motorist could be paid yearly if he or she would completely abandon their phone while driving and is not distracted in any other way during this time. Our calculation is based on the fact that the average driver spends about one hour per day in the car and we can achieve an efficiency of about 50 percent. Thus, a minute driven without distraction is worth about 0.32 cents of a USD.

BUT: Since Mobilio tokens are continuously increasing in value – meaning you need more and more points to get one MOB – joining earlier is worth it. For example, if you convert 1,000 points into MOB today (Dec. 23, 2019) at an exchange rate of 0.78, you will receive 1,282 Mobilio tokens. If the number of users increases tenfold, you will only get 128 MOB for the same number of points. A Mobilio Token would then have the theoretical value of 3 USD cents. With a thousand times the number of users, we are then already at USD 3 per Mobilio. So it pays off to collect points as early as possible and exchange them for MOB!