Mobilio Status

2020-07-10: Due to a bug in the @fbplatform SDK, many apps around the world are crashing at the moment on iOS. Unfortunately we are also affected and hope for @Facebook to solve the problem, soon.
2019-12-10, Update: After a successful update of our @ParityTech client the exchange rate (expectedly) collapsed for a short time. During this time, you guys bought up so many Mobilio that it took a (unexpectedly) huge jump of nearly 6% yesterday - nice ;)
2019-12-09: We have trouble synchronizing with the Blockchain since yesterday - the exchange rate will be stale until this is fixed and then (most probably) make a big jump. We are on it!
2019-11-18: During the last 24 hours we had to wait for some transactions to go through, leading to sudden jumps in the exchange rate.
2019-09-05: We waited for 3 hours for a Blockchain transaction to go through which lead to a jump in the exchange rate.
2019-08-21: Trip recalculation was finished and lead to a flood of new points into the system - this is why the exchange rate had a steep rise during the hours following.