Sending and Receiving Mobilio

You can use your points to exchange them for Mobilio tokens using the ‘Get Mobilio’ function in the Mobilio App. Every minute 14.26 Mobilio are created on the Ethereum blockchain for a lifespan of 100 years. The exchange rate (‘Difficulty’) is determined by the ratio between freely available Mobilio and the number of points earned by all Mobilio users. The Difficulty is continually calculated and changes dynamically. You may find all respective information in the ‘Wallet’ section within the Mobilio App. For more details please refer to our White Paper or Yellow Paper at

Getting Mobilio

With the app, you automatically get a wallet. There are two ways to fill your Mobilio wallet: through the “Get Mobilio” function, or if someone sends you Mobilio out of their wallet.

The “Get Mobilio” Button

On most of the app’s screens, there is a “Get Mobilio” button which takes you to the Mobilio buying process. On the screen that comes up after tapping the button you can choose how many points you want to convert and see how many Mobilio you will receive based on the current exchange rate (‘Difficulty’). We try to guarantee the exchange rate for 60 seconds, which should be enough to finish the process. Just tap on “Complete Purchase” to finalize the transaction.

Receiving Mobilio From Other Users

Other users can send you Mobilio out of their wallet. They can either enter your wallet address by hand or you can help them by showing them the QR Code which is displayed when you tap “Receive” on your wallet screen. You can also copy and forward your wallet address via any messaging service, e.g. text message, email, or WhatsApp.

If the recipient has the app installed and taps the link on their smartphone, the Mobilio app will automatically open the appropriate screen with the necessary fields already filled out.

Sending Mobilio

If you want to send Mobilio to other app users, just tap “Send” on the wallet screen and fill out the amount to transfer, and the recipient’s wallet address. Then tap “Complete Transfer”.

By tapping the small QR symbol in the wallet address field, you can scan the recipient’s QR code via your phones camera. You can also ask the recipient to send their wallet address via any email or messaging service.