How does the Mobilio app know I’m driving?2022-04-28T18:54:10+02:00

If you have given the Mobilio app the necessary permissions in the settings of your phone, it recognizes the start of a journey via the “significant location change” function of your operating system. The app will wake up and activate the GPS module of your phone. We consider movement at a speed above 12 mph (20 kmph), as the beginning of a Trip.

IMPORTANT: A Trip is only counted if it lasts at least 2 minutes. All Trips with a shorter driving time (from the moment the start is detected) will be discarded.

How many points do I get for one Trip?2022-04-28T18:54:06+02:00

For every minute you don’t use your phone while driving, you get one point. However, we will deduct one point for every minute you use your phone. This means that you have to drive more minutes of the respective Trip without distraction to get any points at all. Note that negative points are not possible (see our white paper).

Do I get points if I listen to music on my phone or use the navigation system?2022-04-28T18:54:03+02:00

You can both listen to music and use your phone’s navigation system without losing points. However, if you move the phone or touch the display while driving, we’ll take it as a distraction. Entering your destination in the navigation system or selecting your playlist before departure will ensure that you both earn the maximum number of Mobilio points and drive without being distracted by your phone.

When do I get the points for a Trip?2022-04-28T18:53:59+02:00

If you have activated the “Post Trip Summary” function in the settings of the Mobilio app, you will get a push message as soon as your Trip has been calculated.
It generally takes a few minutes for the Mobilio app to recognize the end of your Trip. The data will then be sent to our servers, where it will be evaluated with the points earned transferred to your phone. You can speed up this process by actively completing the Trip in the app.

Why doesn’t my smartphone recognize Trips?2022-04-28T18:53:55+02:00

Please check that you have given the Mobilio app all necessary permissions.

For Android we need GPS to detect your Trips, overlay services (display over other apps) to recognize phone usage, and telephony state to recognize if you make phone calls during Trips. If any of those permissions is not given, the app will not start a Trip and you will not earn points. On the dashboard you can see at the bottom of the screen if a permission is missing. Just click on it and it will lead you to the correct setting.

Some devices (e.g. Samsung) are asking for battery optimization. We ask you to not activate this option as the operating system may terminate the app in the background, resulting in no points being collected.

For iOS devices we need permission to location services set to ‘always’, allowance to send you notifications, and permission for background activity.

All my settings and permissions are correct, but I’m still not registering Trips.2022-04-28T18:53:51+02:00

Sometimes GPS crashes and, although it seems activated, actually it’s not functioning. To troubleshoot this we recommend:

  1. Check on Google Maps or any other navigation app to see if your position is found.
  2. Turn off and on GPS or restart your smartphone.
  3. Ensure you have internet connectivity. Another scenario is that you are registering Trips but not uploading the Trip information to our servers due to an internet connectivity issue. The app does cache data, but the volume cached depends on the available space of your device.
  4. For Android: activate ‘Run App in the Foreground’. For detecting Trips and turning on GPS, we use the smartphone-sensors (activity recognition). The quality of those sensors differ from device to device with some regularly failing to start a Trip. For such cases please go to the settings in the Mobilio App and activate ‘Run App in the Foreground’. This will help the app to recognize your Trips.
  5. For iOS: Set permission for location services to ‘always’. If you set the permission for location services to ‘in use’ then you will have to open Mobilio for every Trip and keep it in the foreground. If the permission for location services is set to ‘in use’, as soon as you open another app or lock your device, the Trip will be lost.
I am not using my phone, but I still get points deducted for phone usage.2022-04-28T18:53:46+02:00

If you run another app while driving – e.g navigation – please make sure your smartphone is held in a cradle or somewhere fixed where it cannot move.

I am a passenger in a car or travelling by train and I cannot navigate through the Mobilio app.2022-04-28T18:53:42+02:00

As a passenger, Mobilio is also detecting Trips. You can always stop Trips if you click on ‘I am not driving’ on the ‘do not touch’ screen.

I had phone calls over my car’s Bluetooth and was deducted ‘distracted’ minutes.2022-04-28T18:53:39+02:00

You are almost as distracted when talking via a hands-free kit vs. holding the phone. Mobilio therefore does not allow any kind of phone usage while driving. That means calls over Bluetooth are also evaluated as distracted minutes.

I had a single long Trip, but in Mobilio it is divided into multiple Trips.2022-04-28T18:53:35+02:00

The Mobilio app ends a Trip under the following circumstances:

  1. The app detects walking (if permission is given)
  2. After 4 minutes of no GPS movement and/or speed below 10 km/h
  3. When GPS signal is lost (e.g. in a tunnel)
  4. By clicking on ‘Trip finished’

If you are stuck in heavy traffic or drive through a long tunnel, your Trips may be divided into two or more.

Does the Mobilio app drain the battery of my phone?2022-04-28T18:53:31+02:00

The Mobilio app is designed to consume very little battery power. We only use your phone’s sensors when we actually need them to detect a Trip or transfer data.

What data is stored and what do you do with it?2022-04-28T18:53:27+02:00
  1. Email address: we store your email address to identify you and send you messages.
  2. Phone number: we store your phone number to identify your phone and send you messages. This is extremely important as we use push-notifications to verify your Trips and send you important messages.
  3. Trip information: we store the time and place of the start and end of your Trips in order to display them in the app.
  4. Points and Mobilio: we store how many points and Mobilio you have already collected. We also store all MOB Token transactions as we manage your wallet for you.

We delete all your personal data as soon as you delete your account. You can do this in the “Settings”, “Profile” section of the Mobilio app. ATTENTION: You will lose all points and MOB tokens if you do this!

Why does the exchange rate between points and Mobilio token constantly change?2022-04-28T18:53:24+02:00

The exchange rate between points and Mobilio is calculated from the number of Mobilio tokens (MOB) available and the points currently available to all Mobilio users. The more people use the Mobilio App and the more they drive distraction-free, the more points are created. The creation of more points makes the MOB token more expensive, meaning more points are required to purchase one MOB token.

What can I do with my Mobilio tokens?2022-04-28T18:53:18+02:00

Mobilio users are safety-conscious, technology-savvy motorists. Insurance companies and other businesses have a strong interest in making contact with this audience. They can do this by accepting Mobilio Tokens as a means of payment for certain products and services. The Mobilio Marketplace team is currently working to recruit such partners. Businesses will have several options for collaborating with us (you can see these options in the “Partners” section in the Mobilio app). In addition, starting from the first quarter of 2020, it will be possible to transfer your Mobilio tokens (MOB) to an ETH wallet. From this point on it will be possible to exchange MOB for other currencies (initially through decentralized exchanges, but eventually through other exchanges as well). Why are we not enabling the transfer of MOB to ETH wallets immediately? The reason is that we intend for MOB to become a real currency. We don’t want MOB to be considered an investment, so we are actively discouraging speculative behavior.


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