Earning Points

The Mobilio app runs in the background and is activated and deactivated when it detects that you have started and stopped driving. We call this a ‘Trip.’ The app automatically detects your Trips if you move with a speed higher than 12 mph (20 kmph) for more than 160 feet (50 meters). In order to save on battery usage, we only start the Trip if your mobile device’s operating system tells us that you moved a significant distance in a short amount of time. A Trip ends if you did not move for more than four minutes (no GPS movement and/or speed below 6mph) or if we detect that you are walking.

While you drive, we continually record sensor data from your phone which can tell us if you used it or not. At the end of a trip, all data gets sent to our secure servers and evaluated. After evaluation, you get rewarded one point for each distraction-free minute and deducted one point for every minute you used your phone while driving. There are no negative points, so at worst you will receive zero points for a Trip.

Example A: Trip duration is 20 minutes and you use your phone for four minutes during the Trip. You therefore avoided your phone for 16 minutes, which results in 16 – 4 = 12 points (or 20 – 2*4 = 12 points).

Example B: Trip duration is 20 minutes and you used your phone for 15 minutes. You therefore avoided your phone for five minutes, which results in 5 – 15 = -10, or zero points.

You can check all detected Trips and the points you received under “Trips & Points” in the main menu.